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ENRICH in China is a centre that offers unique services to European research, technology and business organisations, connecting them to the Chinese market. The service portfolio includes RDI Consultancy and Coaching, STI RDI Intelligence, Soft Landing and Co-working, Fostering Open Innovation through Training, Cooperation Enabling Events, RDI Briefings and Innovation Support Certification.
At this moment, China and the rest of the world are still suffering from the turbulence and economic downturn caused by the COVID-19. Drastic measures have been taken to prevent the spread of the virus and we are hopeful problems will be solved on short term.

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EU-China Cooperation

EU, China Reaffirm Commitment to Bilateral Investment Agreement 

The European Union and China reaffirmed their commitment to conclude a comprehensive bilateral investment agreement this year during a virtual leaders' meeting.
Premier Li Keqiang co-chaired the virtual 22nd China-European Union leaders' meeting with European Council President Charles Michel and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen via video link.
Leaders from both sides noted progress being made in the investment talks, and look forward to reaching an agreement at a highly ambitious level. Both sides agreed to make the utmost efforts to reach consensus over rules regarding fair competition. (Jun. 22nd, 2020)

EU, China Agree to Improve Ties at 10th High-level Strategic Dialogue 

During their 10th round of high-level strategic dialogue, the European Union (EU) and China agreed to develop closer ties on a range of issues.
The dialogue, which was held via video link, was co-chaired by Josep Borrell, the EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, and Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi.
The two sides had an in-depth exchange of views on China-EU relations, and on non-proliferation, the Iranian nuclear issue, Korean Peninsula, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, the Middle East peace process and other issues of mutual interest. (Jun. 9th, 2020)

China Publishes White Paper on Fight Against COVID-19 

A white paper on China's battle against COVID-19, titled "Fighting COVID-19: China in Action," was issued by the State Council Information Office. 
The Chinese government released the white paper to keep a record of the country's efforts in its own fight against the virus, to share its experience with the rest of the world, and to clarify its ideas on the global battle, according to the white paper.
Besides the foreword and afterword, the white paper consists of four parts: "China's Fight against the Epidemic: A Test of Fire," "Well-Coordinated Prevention, Control and Treatment," "Assembling a Powerful Force to Beat the Virus," and "Building a Global Community of Health for All." 
Click here to check the full text. (Jun. 7th, 2020)

China Offers Help to 150 Countries, 4 Int'l Organizations to Fight COVID-19 

According to the white paper "Fighting COVID-19: China in Action", as of May 31, China had sent 29 medical expert teams to 27 countries and offered assistance to 150 countries and four international organizations.
China has also provided cash support to the World Health Organization (WHO), assisted in purchasing personal protective equipment and establishing reserve centers of supplies in China, and helped its COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund to raise funds in the country.
Local governments, enterprises, non-governmental organizations and individuals in China have donated materials to more than 150 countries and regions, and international organizations through various channels. (Jun. 7th, 2020)

Serbia, China Sign Memorandum on Space Technology 

Serbia and China signed a memorandum on space technology which aims, among other things, to put the Serbian national flag on co-designed spacecraft in the future.
The memorandum was signed by Nenad Popovic, Serbian minister in charge of innovation and technological development, and Zhang Kejian, director of the China National Space Administration, via a video conference. (Jun. 5th, 2020)

Eyes on 'Two Sessions' for Medium-term Development Priority Clues

If you want to have a better understanding of the world's second-largest economy, then you should look at its five-year plan for economic and social development.
The year 2020 is a juncture where China will wrap up the plan for the 2016-2020 period and prepare for its next master plan. Such a policy blueprint usually sets forth China's strategic intentions and defines its major objectives, tasks and measures for economic and social development.
China is now in the homestretch to completing the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects and achieving the targets set in the 13th five-year plan.
While the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly increased uncertainties for development, the country has shown firm determination to deliver the goals as scheduled.  (May. 28th, 2020)

Webinar Eyes Closer China-France Collaboration in Post-COVID-19 Era

A webinar focusing on Chinese-French cooperation and global governance in the post-COVID-19 era was held on Thursday. Experts and scholars from the two countries held extensive and in-depth discussions on topics such as global crisis responses and reforming world governance. (May. 7th, 2020)

ENRICH in China News

ENRICH in China Was Featured in a Publication

ENRICH in China was featured in a publication by the department of Città della Scienza that focuses on the promotion of cooperation between Italy and China.
This article, featured in the weekly Newsletter, aimed to share testimonies from various initiatives, taking part in the effort to strengthen bilateral cooperation involving the two countries during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Dr. Sara Medina, from ENRICH in China, was honored to talk about the Centre’s current activities, with a special focus on the work done in the promotion of EU-China cooperation regarding Coronavirus research.
The interview, in Italian, can be read here. (Jun. 16th, 2020)

ENRICH in China at "Post-COVID-19 Innovation and Entrepreneurship" Event

ENRICH in China was presented at an online event: International Innovation & Entrepreneurship in the Post Epidemic Era, jointly organised by Hangzhou International Talent Entrepreneurship & Innovation Park(HITEIP), Sino-EU Science and Technology Innovation Center (ENRICH in China SLZ) and SFXY Technology.
During this event, Dr. Sara Medina, Member of the Board, SPI, and Coordinator of ENRICH in China, was invited to present about ENRICH in China's support for Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship in China and Europe. The event brought together the representatives of HITEIP, and entrepreneurs from China and Europe.
At the end of event, participants were able to have open discussion and share the experiences on entrepreneurship at a round table session. (Jun. 15th, 2020)

Ask The Expert

Interview with Mr. Wenhuan Xia, Secretary General of Beijing Belt & Road International Co-Incubation (ICI) and Advisory Board member of ENRICH in China, reveals how SMEs in China are affected by COVID-19 and how they manage to improve and adapt their business models accordingly. Collaboration with industry and support by the government is more important than ever, according to the ENRICH in China expert.
Read the interview here. (Apr. 27th, 2020)

ENRICH In China Upcoming Events & Webinars

China Digital Marketing Masterclass Helping International Brands to Grasp Opportunities in China After The Covid-19 Outbreak

July 2nd, Thursday & July 3rd, Friday                                                19:00 - 22:00 Beijing Time

China’s consumer market has begun to revive gradually after the Covid-19 pandemic. For many international brands, China is still one of the key markets on their strategic roadmap. However, marketers are now struggling to revise their strategies for China, given the significant changes in attitudes and buying behaviors of Chinese consumers after the coronavirus outbreak. 
In response to the post Covid-19 new normal in China, the Post Covid-19 China Masterclass will be organized in July to give global marketers a deep understanding of China’s current market and how to succeed there in 2020-2021. Designed and led by China marketing expert Ashley Galina Dudarenok, this masterclass is aimed at helping global businesses avoid losses, capture opportunities and start rebuilding momentum in their sectors.
Participants from the ENRICH in China network will get an extra 10% discount on all packages and all prices. Check our website for more information.

EU-China RDI Briefings

EU Lifts Lid on Its Five Research Moonshots 

The European Commission revealed initial details on the scope of five planned research missions that will launch as part of the next big EU R&D programme Horizon Europe.
Experts making up the mission boards have presented an array of research avenues and deadlines – described as preliminary – that they say would allow Europe to make headway on the giant challenges of climate change, cancer, adapting cities to global warming, protecting oceans and soil health. (Jun. 25th, 2020)

European Innovation Scoreboard 2020: EU's innovation is increasing 

The Commission released today the European Innovation Scoreboard 2020, which shows that Europe's innovation performance continues to improve across the EU, surpassingfor the second year the United States. However, more needs to be done to catch up with global innovation leaders like South Korea, Australia and Japan. The results, which cover data from 2019, highlight the opportunities to better coordinate EU innovation policies, help Europe improve its global competitiveness and strengthen the key role innovation plays in overcoming the coronavirus pandemic. (Jun. 23rd, 2020)

China Launches Last Satellite To Complete Beidou System 

The final satellite to complete the third-generation network of China's Beidou Navigation Satellite System was launched on Tuesday morning, marking a milestone in the nation's space endeavor.
Following Tuesday's launch, there are 30 third-generation Beidou satellites in three types of orbit-24 in medium-Earth orbit, three in inclined geosynchronous satellite orbit and three in geostationary orbit. There are also some second-generation Beidou satellites in operation offering regional services. (Jun. 23rd, 2020)

Quantum Physics: Long-range Satellite-based Secure Communications 

The exchange of a ‘secret key’ for encrypting and decrypting messages over a distance of 1,120 kilometres is reported in Nature this week. This achievement is made using entanglement-based quantum key distribution, a theoretically secure communication technique. Previous attempts to directly distribute quantum keys between two ground users under real-world conditions have reached distances of only around 100 kilometres. (Jun. 16th, 2020)

A Useful Database for COVID-19 Testing 

Testing for the presence of COVID-19 or past exposure to it is essential in fighting against COVID-19, and for efficient strategies for gradually lifting the confinement measures. Different tests are suitable in different contexts. 
The JRC has created a database of COVID-19 in vitro diagnostic devices and test methods that gathers in single place information on the currently available tests, which is part of the EU efforts to provide guidance on the use of coronavirus test.
The database comprises publicly available information on devices, including elements of performance, and a collation of relevant scientific literature.
Click here for more information. (Jun. 15th, 2020)

China, Europe Together Launch ESASky in Chinese 

With the close collaboration between National Astronomical Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (NAOC) and European Space Agency (ESA), ESA's world-leading interactive celestial atlas, ESASky, has now been translated into Chinese. 
Alongside its English and Spanish language versions, this makes ESASky available to nearly one quarter of the world population in their native tongue. The ESASky in Chinese is scheduled to be available on June 11, 2020 (UST). (Jun. 11th, 2020)

Press Release: Facing Uncertainty, European Companies in China Find Themselves Navigating in the Dark 

The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, in cooperation with Roland Berger, released its European Business in China Business Confidence Survey 2020 (BCS). At a time when China-based European companies find themselves navigating in the dark due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the results of the BCS offer the Chinese Government areas to clearly focus their #reform efforts in order to bring about quicker economic recovery and restore business sentiment. (Jun. 10th, 2020)

China's New Laws Simplify Investment 

After almost five years of development, and in response to criticism both from local and overseas investors, China has introduced new investment and securities laws. These laws are designed to simplify China's investment system, making it easier to launch an initial public offering (IPO), protect intellectual property, invite foreign partnerships and encourage foreign investment.
China's newly amended Securities Law was officially publicized on Dec. 28, 2019. It became effective on March 1, 2020. The main changes in the new law involve the reform of the registration-based IPO system, the imposition of more severe punishments for violations, and the enhancement of protection for retail investors. (Jun. 2nd, 2020)

China Releases Master Plan for Hainan Free Trade Port 

Chinese authorities released a master plan for the Hainan free trade port, aiming to build the southern island province into a globally-influential high-level free trade port by the middle of the century. 
A free trade port system focusing on trade and investment liberalization and facilitation will be "basically established" in Hainan by 2025 and become "more mature" by 2035, according to the plan jointly issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the State Council.
The authorities expect to make Hainan, China's largest special economic zone, the frontline of China's integration into the global economic system, according to the plan. 
Check SCIO's briefing on the master plan for Hainan Free Trade Port for more information. (Jun. 1st, 2020)

Research and Innovation Performance Report: Enabling Europe to Lead The Green And Digital Transition

The Commission released today its latest report on the EU's Science, Research and Innovation Performance, through which it analyses how Europe performs in the global context. It highlights the need for research and innovation (R&I) to support sustainable and inclusive growth of companies, regions and countries, making sure that no one is left behind in the quest for strengthening innovation systems, especially in less-developed regions. It also emphasises the importance of ensuring that Europeans have the right skills, in the light of new technological revolutions, as well as the significant role of R&I policy in reinforcing companies' productivity, resulting in jobs and value creation, in a sustainable way. In particular, the 2020 edition of the biennial report presents 11 policy recommendations to support our people, planet and prosperity. (May. 27th, 2020)

First Online Tool for Drug Repurposing Prediction Against COVID-19 

The first online platform (CoVex) for SARS-CoV-2 and SARS-CoV-1 host interactome exploration and drug identification has been set up by Prof. Jan Baumbach, a core member of Open Multiscale Systems Medicine (OpenMultiMed) Action, and his team at the Technical University of Munich, with the help of Prof. Harald Schmidt, Chair of the Action, and of two other researchers in the network.
CoVex is a user-friendly tool which shows how human and viral proteins interact and implements systems medicine algorithms for network-based prediction of drugs against SARS-CoV-2 and similar viruses. It provides the science community with direct access to basic network medicine algorithms integrating drug-protein-virus interactions.
It is now available in open source and the development process and functionalities can be found here. Check the news page on the COST website for more information. (May. 19th, 2020)

Ancient DNA Unveils Important Missing Piece of Human History 

Newly released genomes from Neolithic East Asia have unveiled a missing piece of human prehistory, according to a study conducted by Prof. FU Qiaomei's team from the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology (IVPP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. 
The study, published in Science on May 14, reveals that population movement played a profound role in the early genetic history of East Asians. 
The researchers used advanced ancient DNA capture techniques to retrieve ancient DNA from 25 individuals dating back 9,500-4,200 years and one individual dating back 300 years from northern and southern East Asia. The newly sequenced DNA casts a spotlight on an important period in East Asia’s early history: the transition from hunter-gathering to agricultural economies. (May. 15th, 2020)

OECD Policy Brief on Issues Related to COVID-19 And Food & Agriculture 

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has recently published a policy brief, focusing on the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the food and agriculture sector and policy responses that are essential to keep the food system functioning. (Check the full report
This paper is the first in a series of Policy Briefs on issues related to COVID-19 and food and agriculture. Forthcoming Briefs will include:

  • COVID-19 and the food system
  • Impacts on specific supply chains (e.g. seeds, fruit and vegetables)
  • Transparency

A framework paper, COVID-19 and International Trade: Issues and Actions, is also available, along with in-depth Policy Briefs on specific sectors and issues.  (April. 29th, 2020)

ECCP COVID-19 Response Forum 

A COVID-19 Response Forum was set-up by the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP) for the industrial clusters and their members as a virtual place to connect and share information related to the COVID-19 outbreak within the community. 
The Forum is part of a response portal aiming to support the clusters' industrial actors and public bodies to quickly access latest information available on EU updates key for industry, on demands from public authorities and solutions identified.
The Response Forum purpose is not matching demand and supply. Solutions and demands should be placed only through a cluster organisation or public authorities.
Check the news page on ECCP website for more information. (April. 23rd, 2020)

COST Action to Fight against Future Pandemics 

Anti-microbial coatings (AMC) are a possible solution to protect people from viral infections as active ingredients like copper or special chemical compounds protect walls, bed curtains and other surfaces, killing or repelling viruses.
The COST (European Cooperation in Science & Technology) Action “Anti-Microbial Coating Innovations to Prevent Infectious Diseases” (AMiCI) has developed a database of active ingredients in AMCs that will help regulators, manufacturers and healthcare providers to safely introduce the technology in order to save lives.
AMiCI has also identified issues with testing methods and approval processes in Europe and prepared guidelines for combining the coatings with best cleaning practice to optimise hospital hygiene.
Check its website for more information. (April. 23rd, 2020)

European COVID-19 Data Portal 

The COVID-19 Data Portal has the objective of enabling researchers to upload, access and analyse COVID-19 related reference data and specialist datasets, in order to accelerate coronavirus research.
This portal aims to be the primary entry point into the functions of a wider project, the European COVID-19 Data Platform. 
The European Commission, together with EU Member States and selected research partners, is deploying a dedicated European COVID-19 Data Platform that will enable the rapid collection and comprehensive data sharing of available research data from different sources for the European and global research communities.
Visit the COVID-19 Data Portal for more information. (April. 23rd, 2020)

Origin of the First Known Interstellar Object 'Oumuamua

What is the origin of the famous interstellar object ‘Oumuamua? How was it formed and where did it come from? An article published on April 13 in Nature Astronomy by ZHANG Yun from National Astronomical Observatories of Chinese Academy of Sciences (NAOC) and Douglas N. C. Lin from University of California, Santa Cruz, offers a first comprehensive answer to this mystery, which involves tidal forces like those felt by Earth’s oceans and explains all of the unusual characteristics of this interstellar object. (April. 14th, 2020)

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