SENET Newsletter No.1 | July 2019

Welcome to SENET!

The Sino-European Health Networking Hub – SENET – is a 30-month (2019 – 2021) project launched in January 2019, aiming to create a sustainable dialogue between health research and innovation actors from the EU and China. Focusing on common health challenges, SENET will facilitate and foster the cooperation in health research and development (R&D) between China and the EU.
Based on a collaboration scheme strongly involving experts from both the EU and China, the project will promote EU-China health cooperation through different collaborative events and activities like roadshows, virtual ideation hackathons and call power partnering. SENET has a multidisciplinary consortium composed of five European and four Chinese organisations with a long track record and expertise in research and innovation management and communication, as well as research policy.

Word from the Coordinator

Hicham Abghay, Steinbeis 2i
Coordinator of the SENET project

Most of the major health challenges are global in nature. Many countries face similar problems, and issues such as environmental, life-style, and socio-economic factors, combined with demographic changes, have clearly changed global health patterns. The EU and China have several commonalities but also idiosyncratic singularities which makes the SENET project a fascinating platform to explore these aspects with a heterogenous team incorporating health and life science experts, innovation and research management professionals as well as programme managers both in China and the EU. So far, we have performed an extensive literature review and are in the middle of conducting a survey and bilateral interviews with key opinion leaders to validate these valuable data. In the coming weeks and months, we plan several activities be it Expert Group meetings, roadshows or webinars. Stay tuned with us for more information!

SENET Updates

SENET organised the kick-off meeting in Shanghai

The SENET kick-off meeting took place in Shanghai on the 15th and 16th of April, 2019, hosted by the Shanghai Technology Innovation Center. During the two-day meeting, the SENET partners had a chance to discuss the project objectives, upcoming tasks and workload, as well as the co-funding mechanism between the EU and China. The partners also identified relevant stakeholders for the Expert Group meetings such as funding agencies, programme managers, researchers, SMEs, academics, policy makers and health associations. The aim of the Expert Groups is to provide concrete and important inputs and information on the health R&D ecosystem in the EU and China.

On the second day, the SENET partners had further discussions on how to build synergies with existing organisations in China, namely the Shanghai Technology Innovation Center, Invest Shanghai, EEN Shanghai, EEN China and Shanghai Co-way International Technology Transfer Co., Ltd.

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ENRICH in China Healthcare Matchmaking Tour

SENET representatives participated in the ENRICH in China Healthcare Matchmaking Tour on April 8-13 in the cities of Beijing and Wuxi, together with a delegation of 18 European organisations from different EU Member States and Associated Countries. During the ENRICH Tour, SENET partners attended various sessions in Beijing and Wuxi, visited several science parks and research facilities and had fruitful discussions with interesting Chinese counterparts from the healthcare sector.

The participants had the chance to attend the Nordic Edge China Summit and participated in a workshop on China International Smart Healthcare Solutions, where they were able to better understand how the Chinese healthcare system works and engaged in B2B sessions. In Wuxi, the participants visited Wuxi Biologics, Wuxi Boya Stem Cells Technology and Fresenius Kabi Huanui, three leading Chinese health companies located in Wuxi Mashan National Life Science Park and joined the Taihu Mashan Life Science and Healthcare Forum with more than 2,000 participants.

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Participate in the SENET online survey!

The SENET consortium has developed a survey which will help us to assess current EU-China collaborations in health research and innovation and develop a strategy paper that supports these collaborations and focuses on:

  • Health research and innovation priorities in the EU and China;
  • Mobility of European and Chinese health researchers;
  • Current EU-China health research and innovation collaborative projects;
  • Participation of Chinese health researchers and innovation stakeholders in Horizon 2020 and European health researchers and innovation stakeholders in Chinese funding programmes.

We would greatly appreciate your participation and contribution to this survey and kindly ask for 10 minutes of your time to complete it. The survey is available in English and Chinese.


SENET signed a partnership agreement with Beijing Medical Valley

At the 2nd Health Innovation Summit, organised by Capital Medical University, SENET signed a partnership agreement with Beijing Medical Valley, a professional platform that supports the cooperation on biomedicine, medical device and healthcare management innovation activities. The two parties will collaborate to support healthcare RDI cooperation between China and Europe by organising different events and identifying interesting projects.

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Reviewing EU-China health research and innovation priorities

SENET partners have developed a scoping paper - Review on health research and innovation priorities in Europe and China, which aims to describe, identify and assess the main health research and innovation priorities between the EU and China, as well as on a global level, providing the readers a comprehensive understanding of the state of play of EU-China research and innovation collaboration on health. Some main outputs of the report include:

  • Identification of 48 agreements on health cooperation that were signed between the EU MS and China;
  • Overview of the health priorities in the EU and China;
  • Highlight of the action plans and its main research priorities on health;
  • Set of main recommendations for supporting health research and innovation cooperation between the EU and China.

This information will soon be available in the SENET website.


Mapping of major funding agencies and stakeholders in Europe and China

SENET partners have developed a report - Map of major funding agencies and stakeholders in Europe and China, which aims to provide an extensive mapping of the main funding agencies, schemes, programmes and actors on health-related topics, as well as the latest developments in funding programmes in both Europe and China. Some main outputs of the report include:

  • Identification of a total of 62 agencies - from the EU (3), EU Member States (MS) (50) and China (9);
  • Mapping of a set of relevant funding programmes that focus on health;
  • Mapping of research and innovation actors that are responsible for the different schemes and programmes;
  • Analysis of the latest developments in terms of funding programmes from the EC and the EU-China co-funding mechanism.

This information will soon be available in the SENET website.


Become a Member of the Expert Group

SENET intends to organise policy dialogue rounds, focus groups and thematic Expert Group meetings. The thematic Expert Groups aim to support the identification of common research priorities in the health sector.

Contact us through our website if you are interested in becoming part of the SENET Expert Group activities! For more information, click here.


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External events related to SENET

3rd China-Europe Innovation Forum on Smart Health and Privacy Protection

Date: 19-23.08.2019
Location: Leicester, UK
This forum aims not only to discuss and promote advances in smart health research and to foster partnerships for the future of smart health, but also to raise awareness to privacy protection, an issue triggered by privacy leaks and accelerated by informatisation. In particular, the forum will focus on talks, visions and perspectives from industry, end user and policy-making organisations.



The 14th World Congress on Healthcare and Technologies 2019

Date: 22-23.07.2019
Location: London, UK
The theme of the summit “Innovative strategies to improve healthcare and emerging technologies” aims to bring together leading Healthcare providers and academia including Professors, Researchers , Students and heads of institutions to share their research results and experiences about all aspects of Healthcare.



The 16th World Congress of Chinese Medicine

Date: 08-09.11.2019
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Organised by World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS), this congress is a global academic event in the field of traditional Chinese medicine. It is convened annually and has been successfully organized 14 times in China, France, Canada, Singapore, Macau, Australia, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Malaysia, USA, Russia, Spain, New Zealand, Thailand and Italy respectively.



MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine

Date: 18-21.11.2019
Location: Düsseldorf, Germany
The MEDICA CONNECTED HEALTHCARE FORUM is the innovation and networking forum for the healthcare industry and related disciplines, where international companies and start-ups present their latest insights, technologies and solutions for connected and mobile healthcare. More than 130 speakers will show which digital topics will be on the future health agenda.


External News

First call for proposals published for 2019 under the EU-China Co-funding Mechanism for Research and Innovation

On the 23rd April 2019, the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) published the first call for proposals for the year 2019 under the EU-China Co-funding Mechanism for Research and Innovation (CFM). These proposals are mainly focused on the areas of food, agriculture and biotechnology and aim to increase the participation of China-based participants in the Horizon 2020 programme.

More information: here


EU and China cooperation dialogue for STI

The 4th Innovation Cooperation Dialogue took place in Brussels and brought together the European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, Carlos Moedas and the Chinese Minister of Science and Technology, Wang Zhigang. This meeting focused on the Horizon Europe proposal for 2021-2027 from the EU side and on Medium and Long Term Science & Technology Development Plan for 2021-2035 from the Chinese side. Both parties agreed on enhancing communication and on the development of synergies between the two economies on areas such as food, agriculture and biotechnologies, transport and health, among others.

More information: here


G20 countries call for finance and health coordination

Most G20 countries stressed the importance of cooperation between national finance and health departments on June 28th at the first G20 Joint Session of Finance and Health Ministers in Osaka, Japan. They called for a partnership between the two departments to strengthen the health fund and realise universal health in each country, adding that investing in the field is conducive to improving human capital and economic growth.

More information: here


China issues standard for community hospital

The National Health Commission (NHC) issued a basic standard for community hospitals, requiring at least 30 beds to be open for patients in each hospital, and the utilisation rate for sickbeds should be above 75 percent. The community hospital should offer, at least, general medical service, rehabilitation treatment and traditional Chinese medical services to patients, according to the standard.

More information: here



SENET receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (Grant Agreement No 825904).